New Bamboo Curtains with Extra High Strand Count September 25, 2013 19:26

We have just received a special order of natural bamboo doorway curtains with an extra high strand count of 120, compared to our regular 96 strands bamboo bead hangings (which compares favorably to the 60-70 strands the competition offers--you get what you pay for). What it means to you is that the extra strands provide narrower gaps between the strands, thereby offering greater concealment, or coverage of your doorway, laundry room, or open closet space, giving you added privacy and keeping unsightly spaces out of sight. A bamboo beaded curtain, because of its loose hanging strands will never completely obfuscate what is behind it except when it is light where you are and darker behind the curtain, in which case coverage is almost 100 percent. 

Find your new super density natural bamboo curtain by clicking here.