Bamboo Bead Curtains

We’re building the largest selection of ready to hang painted bamboo bead curtains with Hawaiian, tropical decor, and island lifestyle themes, plus a few other curtain styles. All are handmade and sport between 96 to 135 strands, with the higher strand count usually reserved for more detailed images. Most, if not all are 35” wide by 78” long, and fit in standard door frames or in front, or in back. The top consists of a wooden rod with hanging eyelets. You supply the nails, screws, or hooks. If you need to, you can shorten a curtain’s width by sawing off the hanging rod’s excess length simply by cutting between the strands. Brass wire connects the bamboo shafts and as each shaft hooks into the loop of the shaft’s brass wire above it, a curtain’s length can be adjusted, albeit the bottom may become uneven/ragged.

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