Staying Warm With Bamboo Curtains January 6, 2014 11:07

Yes. Bamboo doorway curtains can keep you warm in the extreme cold that's currently bearing down on Chicago and  the Mid -Western region. First, and while this may be a little hard to do, go out and buy some young bamboo plants and start nurturing them for next winter. You'll need them. Then, look around to see if you can find any old bamboo curtains. Ask your neighbors if they have any. If it's too cold for that, wear a hat. Now, make a big fire of the old bamboo curtains. That should keep you warm while you look around on our site for any bamboo doorway hangings with beads painted in a nice, tropical motif. Maybe one with palm trees. Or a bit of Pacific ocean. Looking at a bamboo curtian already gives you that tropical feeling, and if it has a tropical motif, so much more. Also, the act of hanging a bamboo curtain keeps you warm. While it only takes a few minutes to pull one from the box and place the eyelets over a hook or nail above your doorway consider hooking and unhooking it repeatedly. They weigh around 7 Lbs, which makes for a nice exercise and the rustling of the bamboo beads makes for a peaceful sound. Once hanging, practice separating the loose hanging strands with both arms and walking through them. Turn around and repeat for 3 hours and you'll not only keep warm, you'll lose weight too. Even repeatedly ordering a bamboo curtain can be construed as an activity and as you know every activity generates body heat.