About our bamboo curtains: June 8, 2014 18:09

Bamboo curtains are commonly used to obscure and beautify what would otherwise be an open door. If you don’t require total privacy, and instead would appreciate some of the properties of a screen door, like free airflow while keeping bugs at bay, a bamboo curtain would be ideal.

Hang your new bamboo doorway beads in a door opening between two rooms and you will be able to enjoy the painted image from both sides. Buy one to hide your washer & dryer, or for decoration of an unsightly wall.

Remember, that you can see through all bamboo curtains if the area behind it is lighter. Once the area behind it is in the dark the bamboo curtain will be all you see. It’s one of the features that have made the bamboo curtain popular.

You may remember seeing bamboo bead curtains in Hawaii Five-O and other TV or movie productions because they have a “cool factor” that makes them easy on the eyes and adaptable to many decors. Many love our bead curtains because you no longer have to open and close a door. You simply walk through it! But, they’re not just great for doorways but also as window treatments. Decorating your home has never been easier, especially if you require something original for a kid’s room, meditation or yoga room, your massage or spa business, office, or just as a simple and quickly made partition or room divider.