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New Bamboo Curtains with Extra High Strand Count September 25, 2013 19:26

Extra strands on a bamboo curtain provide narrower gaps between the strands, thereby offering greater concealment, or coverage of your doorway, laundry room, or open closet space, giving you added privacy and keeping unsightly spaces out of sight. 

A Bamboo Shower Curtain Brings a Touch of Nature to Your Bathroom September 25, 2013 18:44

If you are looking for a fresh, new look for your bathroom, why not buy a bamboo bead curtain and turn it into an attractive and natural feel shower curtain without any effort. Bamboo has a lot to offer, and has an amazing presence that will be giving a sense of nature, calmness, and peace to your bathroom. Bamboo doorway curtains come in a variety of designs, from plain natural, to elaborately decorated. Bamboo curtains are made of stalks from a bamboo tree. Bamboo doorways open up a room up and bring a sense of nature that plastic jingly things on a string cannot.

Bamboo is a great material that has organic antibiotics in the fibers and for you that means that your curtains will not get too smelly too quickly. They are also fully decomposable, whenever it comes time to switch shower curtains again, you will not be putting something in a land fill that will be there forever. This just furthers the many different ways that the bamboo plant is eco-friendly. A bamboo shower curtain that is made from bamboo is a good way to make a green contribution to the economy.

Bamboo happens to be absorbent, so you will want to put a plastic curtain in between the shower and your curtain. We suggest simple shower liner if you are on a budget or you can go for an altogether different look. However, since bamboo strands are somewhat transparent you will want to keep in mind that simpler will look better.

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Bamboo Curtains, Wall Hangings, and much more... March 2, 2007 09:42

We’re creating the largest selection of ready to hang painted wooden and bamboo beaded curtains with Hawaiian, tropical decor, and island lifestyle themes, plus a few other curtain styles. But, we don’t stop there. We keep adding unique items to our store, such as our throw pillows, Hawaiian flower perfumes, bamboo furniture, and much more.

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