'Perched Bird' Bamboo Door Curtain

$ 49.99

Your hand-painted natural bamboo Perched Bird door beads curtain with image of bird on a branch against a background of bamboo trees adds a permanent touch of the bamboo forest to your home decor, office decor, or spa decor, or massage business decor. The bamboo door curtain beads clang softly with every movement of air, creating a sound as pleasing as the rustling of the leaves in a forest, and that for a price that's less than a dinner for two.

Bamboo door curtains are most commonly used as elegant partitions that promote a tropical feel in your place by allowing a constant flow of fresh air while keeping flies and mosquitos out. They are quickly becoming the most popular form of tropical décor and are one of the cheapest ways to enhance a room. Simply hang this decorative tropical bamboo door curtain in a doorway, hang it on the wall behind the bed, or cover up unsightly storage areas. Made of hundreds of small pieces of bamboo, called ‘beads,’ with each bead hand-painted 360 degrees, so that they look great from both sides and at any angle. They are transparent, though, so unless the area behind them is dark you will see past the loose hanging strands. Of course, part of their charm is that they partially obstruct your view. Just don't expect total privacy.
Strand count is between 90 and 96 strands, dependent on the thickness of bamboo used.

Measurements are 36” wide x 78” high/90×200cm (standard door size). Sorry, no custom sizes available. Keep in mind that these appear to be hanging in your doorway, but hang in fact either behind or in front of your doorway. Curtains come fully assembled and ready to rustle in the draft. Disclaimer: Images are painted entirely by hand and therefore may not be exactly as shown.


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