Bamboo Curtain with Hawaiian Dancing Girl

$ 49.99

This bamboo curtain with elegant Hawaiian dancing girl silhouette image makes for a fun and decorative bamboo doorway curtain for any type of room that may benefit from a tropical touch of Hawaii and the grace of island life.

These bamboo doorway curtain with Hawaiian dancing girl stands up well to regular use, going by the testimony of thousands of satisfied customers.

The bamboo hula dancer curtain is expertly and patiently handcrafted with 96 strands from many hundreds of small hollow bamboo stalks (we call them beads) that, strung together, let in the breeze while keeping flying insects out. Perfect for dressing up a room, unsightly corner, and your patio, porch, doorway, as bamboo room panel, bamboo wall hanging, or even as a bamboo window treatment. Your pets too will love your bamboo beads curtain with Hawaiian dancing girl because they no longer have to wait for you to open the door for them. 

And, if you want a new look for your bathroom, why not use your bamboo hula dancing girl curtain as a Hawaiian shower curtain? Just add a plain plastic shower curtain liner from Target, Walmart, or K-Mart for the inner curtain, thereby protecting the bamboo curtain from water. Other brave citizens have done it. Why not you? A bamboo curtain as shower curtain will bring new life to your shower in a way that a more traditional shower curtain doesn't. Bamboo curtains will not get smelly fast because as an organic material it allows breathing. And, when it's finally time to discard it, you will be relieved to know that they are fully decomposable.

Measurements are 36” wide x 78” high/90×200cm (standard door size). Curtains come fully assembled and ready to hang. 



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