Palm Tree Motifs

Bamboo door curtains with palm trees handpainted on them are perhaps our bestselling motifs. Without going into the psychology of why (escapism, lonely island syndrome, etc.) it’s clear that they play a role in the surroundings of today’s seeker of tranquillity, peace, and island style or tropical, even Hawaiian, decor.
So, let’s grant them the perfect combination of functionality, beauty, and mood-enhancing qualities with their quiet rustling of their beads (representing the sound of a babbling brook), whenever set in motion by the draft, or your cat stroking the strands with its tail. But, let’s not wax poetic too long! In practicality it comes down to this: Handcrafted from hundreds of pieces of bamboo, these bamboo door curtains let in the breeze and provide shade while repelling flying insects. Select them for your patio, entrance and interior, room dividers, wall hangings, or as tropical window treatments. Questions? Visit our FAQ