Natural Bamboo Door Beads with 125 Strands

$ 59.99

Our handmade natural color bamboo door beads curtain makes a great tropical lifestyle addition to any room in the home that needs a partition, room divider, walk-through curtain, etc.

Bamboo curtains promote the tropical feel in your home by allowing a constant flow of fresh air while keeping flies out, at the same time producing a soft rain-like sound effect as the bamboo stalks "clang" in the air flow. Hang it on the wall behind the bed, or cover up any area.

These bamboo doorway beads are made of hundreds of small hollow pieces of bamboo. Strand count is a "double density" of 125 for better coverage. 'Strand count' indicates the number of bamboo bead strands from one side of the curtain to the other. Some competitors sell curtains of 60-70 strands. Our regular curtains are 96 strands, but this special edition unpainted natural bamboo curtain is an extra dense 125 strands for less transparency and "view thru," which makes it excellent there where you aim to cover what's behind it, such as a walk-in closet, with the caveat that because of the loos hanging strands some transparency remains. This higher density bamboo beads curtain has hundreds more beads compared to our regular bamboo doorways.

Measurements are 36" wide x 78" high (standard door size).

These are handmade products, so consider that the length from curtain to curtain may vary somewhat if you plan to hang them side by side. Curtains come fully assembled and ready to hang if you provide 2 nails, or 2 screws, or 2 hooks.

Ships to all 48 lower US states, excluding HI, RI, VI.

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